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Here at Print Smarter we want to help you use your printed material.

Be it flyers, leaflets, booklets or brochures, or menus.

Print Smarter are committed to making sure you get the most for your money so we’ve compiled a list of distributors who we think you’ll benefit from.

If you know of a good distribution company that others will benefit from, or you are a distribution company – let us know and we’ll add you to our list.

Company Coverage Distribution Method
Link Direct Ltd National Solus & Shared
The Letterbox Consultancy National Solus & Shared
Newsquest Direct National Solus, Shared & Direct Marketing
Dor-2-Dor National Solus & Shared
Tudor Distribution Dorset/Hants Solus & Shared
Distribution Business Services National Solus & Shared
Letterbox London Solus & Shared
National Letterbox Marketing National Solus & Shared
Manchester Evening News Direct The North Solus & Shared
London Letterbox Marketing London Solus & Shared
Research & Marketing Ltd South Wales Solus & Shared
The National Door to Door Company National Solus & Shared
Product Development Corporation National Solus & Shared
The Leaflet Company National Solus & Shared
Leaflet Distribution Company Edinburgh Solus & Shared
JM Circular Midlands Solus & Shared
White Eagle Distribution London Solus, Shared & Direct Marketing
Contact Leaflet Distribution North London Solus & Shared
Distribution Unlimited The North Solus & Shared
M Squared Leaflet Distribution Scotland Solus, Shared & Street Marketing
Door Drop Northwest The North Solus & Shared
Direct Letterbox Marketing Ltd National Solus & Shared
Distribution Plus Birmingham Solus & Shared
Southport Leaflet Distribution Merseyside Solus & Shared
Distribution Specialists London London Solus & Shared
AA Leaflet Distribution Midlands Solus & Shared
4 Seasons Marketing Aberdeenshire Solus & Shared
Ace Distribution N Ireland Solus & Shared
S S M Distribution South Hams in Devon Solus & Shared
Lemon Marketing Aberdeen Solus & Shared
Leaflets R Us Nationwide Solus & Shared

Tips for effective Leaflet Distribution

Carrying out a leaflet distribution / door drop (variously known as Door Drop Marketing and Letterbox Marketing) is a cheap way of getting your printed advertising material straight into the hands of your potential customers.

Furthermore, as long as your item can fit through a letterbox, creatively there is no limit to what you can do with a brochure, leaflet, sample, directory or catalogue. And even if it can’t fit through a letterbox there are ways of getting it to your potential customers.

Additionally, these days there are methods you can use to focus your message precisely, to those customers more likely to be interested in your product or service. A leaflet distribution can be targeted in a huge variety of ways:

(1) Geographically-targeted leaflet distribution by postal sector

If you were a public sector organisation such as a local council or a police authority, and wanted to target only certain areas, e.g. BS1 2, BS1 3, BS1 4…etc, you could do it this way.
Distribution goes out with local free newspapers (‘Newshare’) or on its own (‘Solus’). It could even go out with other non-competing items (‘Shareplan’).
Personally, my advice to a small business would be to go for the Newshare and Shareplan wherever possible, to keep costs down, and fill in with Solus.

(2) Geographically-targeted leaflet distribution by post code

You can supply a list of roads or postcodes that you want covered by a door drop, and the distribution company turns this into a round map and road list, and organises solus distribution in the area.
Not all leaflet distribution companies offer this, but some of the more technology-driven ones do; you’re best asking if it’s possible.

(3) Demographically-targeted leaflet distribution

You provide the leaflet distribution company with details about the type of customer you wish to target – household income between £X and £Y for instance, own at least one car, read certain newspapers, shop at certain supermarkets, etc etc… and the leaflet distribution company will turn this into a Demographic Profile, which they will then use to show you the best areas in which to distribute your leaflet.

Usually this is done by postal sector, but some more high-tech leaflet distribution companies can do this down to road or postcode level. Leaflet distribution is then carried our either by individual distributors or teams, or in conjunction with local newspapers. Costs can vary. Not many distribution companies can afford the high costs associated with access to the required demographic data (MOSAIC or ACORN) so check that the one you choose does.

(4) Distribution of leaflets by radius or drivetime

Some leaflet distribution companies will offer to create a bespoke delivery round of x thousand households around a certain point (e.g. a grocery store) or within a certain drivetime of a central point (e.g. a supermarket or petrol station).

(5) Other geographical targeting

includes by Electoral Ward, by Local Authority, by County, by Parliamentary Constituency, etc. There are many possibilities.

(6) Street Marketing / Field Marketing – leaflet distribution in person

The leaflet distribution is done from a single point and is targeted at people as they walk past. A female-only gym may use this service to target only females who use a certain shopping precinct for example. A fashion outlet may use this service to specifically target people between the ages of 15 and 25. Or a nightclub may use the service to target people leaving a music event.

3. A bit about Leaflet Distribution in general.

In the UK, Door Drop Marketing (leaflet distribution) has a turnover approaching £277million [1] for the 9.036 billion items [2] delivered through letterboxes, and 76% of consumers admitting to acting on a promotional leaflet dropped through their letterbox. And considering how cost-effective it is, it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular.

[1] 2008 DMA figures
[2] 2008 DMA figures

4. So what should you look for in a leaflet distribution company?

There are a large number of leaflet distribution companies in the UK, so choosing the right one is an important decision. My advice is really just common sense, but here goes:

(1) Ideally a leaflet distribution company should be trustworthy. Have they been in business for a long time? Do they have many blue-chip clients? Do you know who’s behind the company? Who owns it? Who will you be dealing with? Is their website open and honest or do they appear to be hiding behind it?

(2) Are they affiliated with industry bodies?

These bodies have guidelines and codes of practice for their members so it would be worth asking if your leaflet distribution company is associated with any of them.

In addition there are more specialist organisations such as;

(3) Accountability: does the leaflet distribution company perform quality control checks, such as face-to-face backchecking (asking a householder if they have received a leaflet), telephone backchecking (phoning householders in the area to find out if they recieved a leaflet) or even GPS tracking of their distributors? If there’s no mention of such a thing on their website or in person, ask.

(4) Do they offer other services that show they are a solid enterprise? I’m thinking of things like directory distribution or newspaper distribution, that require methodical structures to be built up and maintained to a high standard.

(5) Do they embrace technology? A door drop company that uses sophisticated planning tools can offer minimum wastage and a higher hit rate.